Sirocladium robustum, uma nova espécie de Zygnemataceae (Chlorophyta)

  title={Sirocladium robustum, uma nova esp{\'e}cie de Zygnemataceae (Chlorophyta)},
  author={Jeferson Luizi Pereira and Luis Henrique Zanini Branco},
Sirocladium was described by Randhawa (type species S. kumaoense) on the basis of algal samples from damp soil at the margins of a waterfall in India. The genus is considered to be terrestrial and it is characterized by the presence only of two plate-like chloroplasts as well as by the occurrence of conjugation without tube formation. Currently, Sirocladium includes three additional species. S. maharashtrense Randhawa and S. vandalurense Randhawa are found on damp soils of India and S. cubense… 
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Macroalgas em nascentes e arredores de riachos na região noroeste do estado de São Paulo

The floristic survey resulted in the identification of 13 species, being 54% of taxa belong Cyanophyta and 46% to Chlorophyta, and the aquatic flora differed from the regional records due to presence of organisms of Zygnemataceae family (ChlorophyTA) in reproductive stage.



Sirocladium, a New Terrestrial Member of the Zygnemales

This alga was collected by the writer from the Kumaon Hills in September, I939, and was found on soft clay under an overhanging rock, at a distance of about IO feet from a small waterfall, growing in the form of dark green feltlike radial patches about I-2 cm.

Notes on Some New Algae from India

Three new species of Sirocladium vandalurense, Zygnemopsis lahaulense and Mougeotia indica are reported for the first time from the high altitudes, at about 10,000 feet, of the inner Himalayas.

Further Observations on the Genus Sirocladium

This paper reports the presence of Sirocladium kumaoense in Calcutta in West Bengal and describes a new species in this genus, Sirocladium maharashtrense.

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