Sir Hans Sloane and Abbé Jean Paul Bignon: Notes on Collection Building in the Eighteenth Century

  title={Sir Hans Sloane and Abb{\'e} Jean Paul Bignon: Notes on Collection Building in the Eighteenth Century},
  author={Jack Alden Clarke},
  journal={The Library Quarterly},
  pages={475 - 482}
  • J. A. Clarke
  • Published 1 October 1980
  • History
  • The Library Quarterly
The correspondence of Abbé Jean Paul Bignon, master of the King's Library at Paris, and Sir Hans Sloane, a distinguished physician and founder of the British Museum, typifies the informal network for the exchange of scholarly information and new publications that provided unifying links of knowledge in Anglo-French intellectual life during the eighteenth century. These men regularly procured the latest scholarly books and periodicals published in their respective countries and transmitted them… 
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