Sinus floor elevation using osteotomes or piezoelectric surgery.

  title={Sinus floor elevation using osteotomes or piezoelectric surgery.},
  author={Domenico Baldi and Mar{\'i}a de los {\'A}ngeles Menini and Francesco Pera and Giambattista Ravera and Paolo Pera},
  journal={International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery},
  volume={40 5},
The aim of this paper is to describe a technique for sinus floor augmentation with a 1-step crestal approach where the residual bone is ≤ 7.5mm. 36 implants were installed in 25 patients in the atrophic posterior maxilla immediately after sinus floor elevation. Sinus floor elevation was performed with a crestal approach using either osteotomes and burs or piezosurgery. Standardized intraoral radiographs were taken prior to surgery and 1 year after surgery. The mean residual bone height was 5.61… CONTINUE READING