Sintering effects on the strength of hydroxyapatite.

  title={Sintering effects on the strength of hydroxyapatite.},
  author={Andrew J. Ruys and Mei Y. Wei and Charles Chris Sorrell and Melvyn R. Dickson and Arthur Brandwood and Bruce K Milthorpe},
  volume={16 5},
Mechanisms underlying temperature-strength interrelations for dense (> 95% dense, pores closed) hydroxyapatite (HAp) were investigated by comparative assessment of temperature effects on tensile strength, Weibull modulus, apparent density, decomposition (HAp:tricalcium phosphate ratio), dehydroxylation and microstructure. Significant dehydroxylation occurred above approximately 800 degrees C. Strength peaked at approximately 80 MPa just before the attainment of closed porosity (approximately 95… CONTINUE READING

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