Sins of Omission and Commission in Mass Communication Quantitative Research

  title={Sins of Omission and Commission in Mass Communication Quantitative Research},
  author={Stephen Lacy and Daniel Riffe},
  journal={Journalism \& Mass Communication Quarterly},
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These authors explore how to achieve rigor in applying methodology to research questions requiring quantitative approaches. 

Does Making Journalism More Public Make a Difference? A Critical Review of Evaluative Research on Public Journalism

A critical review of forty-seven evaluative studies on public journalism shows that its philosophy and newswork practices have had generally limited effects on the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors

Mass Communication Research and the Invisible College Revisited: The Changing Landscape and Emerging Fronts in Journalism-Related Studies

The purpose of this study is twofold: first, to chart the changing landscape of mass communication research in journalism-related studies over the past two decades and, second, to determine the

The Connection between Media and Scholarly Reports on Rampage School Shootings

Mass shootings at primary and secondary schools command an immense amount of media coverage, due to their rarity and lethality. As these tragic events unfold citizens frequently demand answers, and

U.S. television viewing in Trinidad: Cultural consequences on adolescents

This study examined the relationship between Trinidadian high school students' exposure to U.S. television programming and cultivation indicators. Television viewing was related to liberal social

Advancing inclusive research practices and media discourses: representations of learning disabled adults by the contemporary, print version of English national newspapers

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Three Decades of Reliability in Communication Content Analyses

This study examines reliability reporting in content analysis articles (N = 672) in three flagship communication journals. Data from 1985 to 2014 suggest improvements in reporting across time and

Proyecto POLCOR. Análisis de las políticas deportivas en los programas electorales

This article presents an analysis of the political discourse linked to sport-related activities in the political parties’ manifestos for the 2011 general elections in Spain. The coding system

A Content Analysis of Content Analyses: Twenty-Five Years of Journalism Quarterly

Examination of the increasing number of articles employing quantitative content analysis in 1971–95 Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly showed primary focus on news/editorial content in U.S.

The age of interactivity: An historical analysis of public discourses on interactivity in Ireland 1995 - 2009.

Interactivity is integral to media and communications and yet is a contested concept in the literature. There is little agreement on its meaning not least because of its multidisciplinary nature.