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Sinopsis del género Sarcopyrenia (Ascomycota, hongos liquenícolas), con la descripción de tres nuevas especies

  title={Sinopsis del g{\'e}nero Sarcopyrenia (Ascomycota, hongos liquen{\'i}colas), con la descripci{\'o}n de tres nuevas especies},
  author={P. Navarro-Rosin{\'e}s and C{\'e}cile Gueidan and N{\'e}stor Luis Hladun Sim{\'o}n and C. Roux},
Synopsis of the genus Sarcopyrenia ( Ascomycota, lichenicolous fungi), with the description of three new species. Work of compilation and synthesis ofthe genus Sarcopyrenia Nyl. Description of the general characteristics of the genus and mention of the di fferential characters of the known species. Three species are described as new: Sarcopyrenia baetica Nav.-Ros. et Hladun sp.nov., which grows on Lecania gr. erysibe, and S. Lichinellae Nav.-Ros. et Hladun sp. nov., on Lichinella stipatula… Expand
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