Sinopse das espécies de Tityus do Nordeste do Brasil, com a redescrição da T. neglectus Mello-Leitão (Scorpiones, Burthidae)

  title={Sinopse das esp{\'e}cies de Tityus do Nordeste do Brasil, com a redescriç{\~a}o da T. neglectus Mello-Leit{\~a}o (Scorpiones, Burthidae)},
  author={Wilson R. Lourenĉo and V R Eickstedt},
Tityus neglectus Mello-Leitao, 1932, originally described from a female specimen collected in the state of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil) is redescribed. The type-specimen, deposited in the Instituto Oswaldo Cruz (Rio de Janeiro) is lost; a male of the Instituto Butantan (Sao Paulo) scorpion collection is proposed as the neotype. A synopsis of the known species of Tityus from the northeastern part of Brazil is added, as well as a key for the identification of those species.