Sinonasal morbidity following endoscopic endonasal skull base surgery.

  title={Sinonasal morbidity following endoscopic endonasal skull base surgery.},
  author={Ahmed J. Awad and Ahmed Mohyeldin and Ivan H El-Sayed and Manish K Aghi},
  journal={Clinical neurology and neurosurgery},
Open transcranial surgery has long served as the traditional approach for resecting tumors and other lesions in the skull base. However, endoscopic endonasal skull base surgery (EESBS) has emerged as a credible alternative. This paper provides insight on the sinonasal morbidity in patients undergoing EESBS. A literature review was performed by searches of MEDLINE database to provide further insight on sinonasal morbidity associated with EESBS, with a particular focus on published incidence… CONTINUE READING