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Singularities of Gaussian Random Maps into the Plane

  title={Singularities of Gaussian Random Maps into the Plane},
  author={K. MishalAssifP.},
We compute the expected value of various quantities related to the biparametric singularities of a pair of smooth centered Gaussian random fields on an n-dimensional compact manifold, such as the lengths of the critical curves and contours of a fixed index and the number of cusps. We obtain certain expressions under no particular assumptions other than smoothness of the two fields, but more explicit formulae are derived under varying levels of additional constraints such as the two random… 

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Expected Number and Height Distribution of Critical Points of Smooth Isotropic Gaussian Random Fields.

  • Dan ChengA. Schwartzman
  • Mathematics
    Bernoulli : official journal of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability
  • 2018
Formulae are obtained for the expected number and height distribution of critical points of smooth isotropic Gaussian random fields parameterized on Euclidean space or spheres of arbitrary dimension based on a characterization of the distribution of the Hessian of the Gaussian field by means of the family of Gaussian orthogonally invariant matrices.

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