Singularities in conformally flat spacetimes

  title={Singularities in conformally flat spacetimes},
  author={Frank Tipler},
  journal={Physics Letters A},
  • F. Tipler
  • Published 28 November 1977
  • Physics
  • Physics Letters A
Geodesics at Sudden Singularities
We show that a general solution of the Einstein equations that describes approach to an inhomogeneous and anisotropic sudden spacetime singularity does not experience geodesic incompleteness. This
On the null geodesics from the viewpoint of space-time singularities
We examined the complete form of the propagation equation of the expansion for null geodesies and we found some restrictions in integral form on the Ricci and Weyl tensors near a singularity.
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Null isotropy in a spacetime is defined. The relation of null isotropy to the constant curvature and infinitesimal spatial isotropy is investigated. The influence of null isotropy on conjugate points
A general sudden cosmological singularity
We construct an asymptotic series for a general solution of the Einstein equations near a sudden singularity. The solution is quasi isotropic and contains nine independent arbitrary functions of the
Axial symmetry causality violating spacetime and the naked singularity
  • F. Ahmed
  • Physics
    International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics
  • 2018
A non-spherical solution of Einstein’s field equations, possessing a naked curvature singularity on the symmetry axis, satisfying the strong curvature condition, is presented. The spacetime admits
The Study of Gravitational Collapse Model in Higher Dimensional Spacetime
We investigate the end state of the gravitational collapse of an inhomogeneous dust cloud in higher dimensional spacetime. The naked singularities are shown to be developing as the final outcome of
Strong curvature singularities in quasi-spherical asymptotically de Sitter dust collapse
We study the occurrence, visibility, and curvature strength of singularities in dust-containing Szekeres spacetimes (which possess no Killing vectors) with a positive cosmological constant. We find
We study the Cauchy horizon singularity inside a spherical charged black hole, coupled to a self-gravitating scalar field. We show that all the radial causal geodesics terminate at a weak singularity
Gravitational collapse in a cylindrical symmetric vacuum space-time and the naked singularity
Abstract.We construct a cylindrical symmetry vacuum solution of the Einstein field equations, regular everywhere except on the symmetry axis where it possesses a naked curvature singularity. The
Geodesic behavior of sudden future singularities
In this paper we analyze the effect of recently proposed classes of sudden future singularities on causal geodesics of FLRW spacetimes. Geodesics are shown to be extendible and just the equations for


On the nature of singularities in general relativity
It is shown that there is an upper bound to the rate of growth of the Ricci curvature near a singularity.
Space-time singularities
A set of conditions for the reasonableness of space-time is proposed and investigated. Using these, together with strong causality and an assumption of genericness, it is shown that future timelike
Techniques of Differential Topology in Relativity
Acquaints the specialist in relativity theory with some global techniques for the treatment of space-times and will provide the pure mathematician with a way into the subject of general relativity.