Singularities and Scaling Functions at the Potts-Model Multicritical Point

  title={Singularities and Scaling Functions at the Potts-Model Multicritical Point},
  author={M. Nauenberg and D. Scalapino},
  journal={Physical Review Letters},
Differential renormalization equation for the $q$-state Potts model are proposed, and the critical behavior of the model near $q={q}_{c}$ discussed. The equations give rise to critical and tricritical fixed points which merge at $q={q}_{c}$ when a dilution field becomes marginal, to an essential singularity in the latent heat as a function of $q={q}_{c}$, in accordance with the exact result of Baxter, and, for $q={q}_{c}$, to a logarithm correction to the power-law behavior of the free energy… Expand
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