Singular solutions to $k$-Hessian equations with fast-growing nonlinearities

  title={Singular solutions to \$k\$-Hessian equations with fast-growing nonlinearities},
  author={'O JoaoMarcosdo and Evelina Shamarova and Esteban da Silva},
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Existence, multiplicity and classification results for solutions to $k$-Hessian equations with general weights
The aim of this paper is to study negative classical solutions to a k -Hessian equation involving a nonlinearity with a general weight Here, B denotes the unit ball in R n , n > 2 k ( k ∈ N ), λ is a


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A generalized Pohozaev identity and its applications
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Classification of bifurcation diagrams for elliptic equations with exponential growth in a ball
Let $$B\subset \mathbb {R}^N$$B⊂RN, $$N\ge 3$$N≥3, be the unit ball. We study the global bifurcation diagram of the solutions of $$\begin{aligned} {\left\{ \begin{array}{ll} \Delta u+\lambda f(u)=0
A bifurcation diagram of solutions to an elliptic equation with exponential nonlinearity in higher dimensions
We consider the following semilinear elliptic equation: where B 1 is the unit ball in ℝ d , d ≥ 3, λ > 0 and p > 0. Firstly, following Merle and Peletier, we show that there exists an eigenvalue λ
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Stable solutions to semilinear elliptic equations are smooth up to dimension $9$
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