Singular initial value problem for a system of integro-differential equations unsolved with respect to the derivative


and Applied Analysis 3 exists an > 0 such that t,y t ∈ Ω0 for t0− ≤ t < t0 t0 < t ≤ t0 . An egress point ingress point t0,y0 ofΩ0 is called a strict egress point strict ingress point ofΩ0 if t,y t / ∈ Ω 0 on interval t0 < t ≤ t0 1 t0 − 1 ≤ t < t0 for an 1. Definition 1.4 see 18 . An open subset Ω0 of the set Ω is called an u, v subset of Ω with respect to… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.amc.2013.07.038


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