Singular Values of Weighted Composition Operators and Second Quantization

  title={Singular Values of Weighted Composition Operators and Second Quantization},
  author={Mihai Putinar and James E. Tener},
  journal={International Mathematics Research Notices},
We study a semigroup of weighted composition operators on the Hardy space of the disk $H^2(\mathbb{D})$, and more generally on the Hardy space $H^2(U)$ attached to a simply connected domain $U$ with smooth boundary. Motivated by conformal field theory, we establish bounds on the singular values (approximation numbers) of these weighted composition operators. As a byproduct we obtain estimates on the singular values of the restriction operator (embedding operator) $H^2(V) \to H^2(U)$ when $U… 
Weighted Composition Semigroups on Some Banach Spaces
  • Fanglei Wu
  • Mathematics
    Complex Analysis and Operator Theory
  • 2021
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