Singular Lagrangian Systems on Jet Bundles

  title={Singular Lagrangian Systems on Jet Bundles},
  author={Manuel de Le'on and J. Mar'in-Solano and Juan Carlos Marrero and Miguel C. Mu{\~n}oz-Lecanda and Narciso Rom'an-Roy},
  journal={Protein Science},
The jet bundle description of time-dependent mechanics is revisited. The constraint algorithm for singular Lagrangians is discussed and an exhaustive description of the constraint functions is given. By means of auxiliary connections we give a basis of constraint functions in the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian sides. An additional description of constraints is also given considering at the same time compatibility, stability and second order condition problems. Finally, a classification of the… 
Dirac–Bergmann constraints in physics: Singular Lagrangians, Hamiltonian constraints and the second Noether theorem
  • L. Lusanna
  • Mathematics
    International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics
  • 2018
There is a review of the main mathematical properties of system described by singular Lagrangians and requiring Dirac–Bergmann theory of constraints at the Hamiltonian level. The following aspects
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