Singlet molecular oxygen regulates vascular tone and blood pressure in inflammation

  title={Singlet molecular oxygen regulates vascular tone and blood pressure in inflammation},
  author={Christopher P. Stanley and G. Maghzal and A. Ayer and Jihan Talib and Andrew M. Giltrap and S. Shengule and Kathryn Wolhuter and Yutang Wang and Preet C Chadha and C. Suarna and Oleksandra Prysyazhna and Jenna Scotcher and L. Dunn and F. Prado and N. Nguyen and Jephthah O. Odiba and J. Baell and Johannes-Peter Stasch and Y. Yamamoto and P. Mascio and P. Eaton and R. J. Payne and R. Stocker},
  • Christopher P. Stanley, G. Maghzal, +20 authors R. Stocker
  • Published 2019
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Singlet molecular oxygen (1O2) has well-established roles in photosynthetic plants, bacteria and fungi1–3, but not in mammals. Chemically generated 1O2 oxidizes the amino acid tryptophan to precursors of a key metabolite called N-formylkynurenine4, whereas enzymatic oxidation of tryptophan to N-formylkynurenine is catalysed by a family of dioxygenases, including indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 15. Under inflammatory conditions, this haem-containing enzyme is expressed in arterial endothelial cells… CONTINUE READING
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