Singlet molecular oxygen [O2(1Δg)] production and quenching by hydroxybiphenyls

  title={Singlet molecular oxygen [O2(1Δg)] production and quenching by hydroxybiphenyls},
  author={Daniel Osvaldo M{\'a}rtire and Christopher H. Evans and Sonia G Bertolotti and Silvia E. Braslavsky and Norman Andino Garc{\'i}a},
Abstract A mechanistic study on the aerobic photooxidation of hydroxybiphenyls was carried out. Members of this family of compounds are widely employed as fruit pesticides. Rate constants for the quenching of singlet molecular oxygen [ O 2 ( 1 Δ g ) ] determined by time-resolved phosphorescence detection are in the range of 10 4 to 10 8 M −1 s −1 , depending on the solvent polarity, pH, and substitution pattern of the quencher. Quantum yields for hydroxybiphenyls photooxidation ( Φ r ) indicate… CONTINUE READING

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