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Singlet channel scattering in a Composite Higgs model on the lattice

  title={Singlet channel scattering in a Composite Higgs model on the lattice},
  author={Vincent Drach and Patrick Fritzsch and Antonio Rago and Fernando Romero-L'opez},
We present the first calculation of the scattering amplitude in the singlet channel beyond QCD. The calculation is performed in SU(2) gauge theory with Nf = 2 fundamental Dirac fermions and based on a finite-volume scattering formalism. The theory exhibits a SU(4) → Sp(4) chiral symmetry breaking pattern that is used to design minimal composite Higgs models that are tested at the LHC. Our results show that, for the range of underlying fermion mass considered, the lowest flavour singlet state is… Expand
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