Single unit responses of rabbit ear-muscles to postural and accelerative stimulation

  title={Single unit responses of rabbit ear-muscles to postural and accelerative stimulation},
  author={Dietrich L. Meyer and K. P. Schaefer and A. Winkelmann},
  journal={Experimental Brain Research},
SummarySingle units of external ear-muscles were investigated during vestibular and optokinetic stimulation. Response characteristics allowed identification of the semicircular canal and the labyrinth from which each ear-muscle unit received its main input. The responses of most units showed both phasic and tonic components; some were exclusively phasic or tonic. Innervation pattern of phasic units revealed the existence of an ear-nystagmus, which was synchronous and similar to the eye… 
Interaction of acoustic and vestibular afferent activity observed in ear muscles
Findings indicate an interaction of acoustic and vestibular afferent inputs in the brain stem and single motor units of rabbits' external ear muscles to acoustic stimulation.
The orientation of the cervical vertebral column in unrestrained awake animals
The vertical orientation of the cervical vertebral column is interpreted to provide a stable and energy saving balance of the head, and the atlantooccipital and cervico-thoracic junctions are predominantly involved, while the entire cervical column largely preserves its intrinsic configuration.


Optic and Vestibular Influences on Ear Movements
Eye and ear reactions due to posturalchanges, optokinetic, rotatory and postrotatory stimulation, and both functions were found to be strictly coupled and not separable by narcotics.
Die Aktivität der von den vertikalen Bogengängen abhängigen Neurone im Hirnstamm des Kaninchens
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    Archiv für klinische und experimentelle Ohren-, Nasen- und Kehlkopfheilkunde
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The recorded values of the highest degree of activation or inhibition caused by acceleration in different positions suggest an exponential function between maximum activation and increasing tilting angle to be valid for motoneurons, as it has been proved for the generator potential of the receptors by experimental bending of the cupula.
When Cajal and van Gehuchten developed the concept of axonal polarization, the elementary reflex arc acquired a more general significance and became the expression of the fundamental plan of structure and function of the nervous system.
Reizversuche im Tectum opticum des Kaninchens
It was shown that stimulation by microelectrodes is followed by useful behavior of the animal in terms of organisation of movements in time and space and the mode of reaction, orientation and flight, is directly dependent upon the intensity of the applied current.
The function of receptors in the statocyst of the lobster Homarus americanus
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    The Journal of physiology
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The purpose of this study is to investigate receptors in the invertebrate statocyst by recording action potentials from the primary afferent neurones by investigating the most intensive investigation of statocysts, both from a morphological and physiological standpoint.
Die Aktivität einzelner Neurone im Bereich der Vestibulariskerne bei Horizontalbeschleunigungen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des vestibulären Nystagmus
Im Rahmen yon Untersuchungen, die sich mit der Aktivit'~t de r . Neurone des Ves~ibularapparates beim Nystagmus befassen 1~ wird nunmehr die angekfindigte Mitteilung fiber das Entladungsmuster
Unit analysis and stimulation experiments in the optic rectum of rabbits
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