Single-step link from yrast SD band in 143Eu

  title={Single-step link from yrast SD band in 143Eu},
  author={Ann Axelsson and Ayse Atac and Ian G. Bearden and Mats Bergstr{\"o}m and Johan Nyberg and Marcin Palacz and Jan E Persson and M. J. Piiparinen and Claes H Fahlander and Gudrun Hagemann and Bent Herskind and D. T. Joss and Stefano Leoni and Matej Lipoglav{\vs}ek and Peter J. Nolan and E. S. Paul and Nathalie Redon and Lydia Roos and Adrian Semple and Gaute Sletten and Kamil Tucek},
  • Ann Axelsson, Ayse Atac, +18 authors Kamil Tucek
  • Published 1997
  • Physics
  • A discrete γ-ray transition from the yrast SD band to the region of near-yrast discrete normal-deformed states has been identified in 143Eu. It has an energy of 3360.6 keV and an intensity corresponding to 3.2% of the full intensity of the SD band and feeds a nearly-spherical state above spin 352(+) and Ex=4947 keV. This agrees well with the picture of the decay out of the SD band gained previously from two-step links. The angular distribution analysis favours a stretched dipole character for… CONTINUE READING

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