Single stage total endolesional C2 spondylectomy for chordoma


Chordomas are locally invasive, malignant bone tumors, which rarely occur in the cervical spine [5, 12]. En-bloc, or even marginal resection, offers improved survival and potential cure. Complete resection of tumors, involving the upper cervical vertebrae, requires combined anterior and posterior approaches and is complicated by the presence of vertebral arteries. A reconstruction of the post-resection defect is prone to failure. We present a case of a chordoma, involving the axis that was treated by a single stage total endolesional C2 spondylectomy, with preservation of both vertebral arteries, as the patient did not tolerate preoperative occlusion test. A novel approach to the reconstruction is also presented.

DOI: 10.1007/s00586-013-2813-6

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@article{Suchomel2013SingleST, title={Single stage total endolesional C2 spondylectomy for chordoma}, author={Petr Suchomel and Pavel Barsa}, journal={European Spine Journal}, year={2013}, volume={22}, pages={1453-1456} }