Single-stage laryngotracheal reconstruction in children: a review of 200 cases.

  title={Single-stage laryngotracheal reconstruction in children: a review of 200 cases.},
  author={Lena Gustafson and Benjamin Ernest John Hartley and Jerome H. Liu and Dana Thompson Link and Jon B Chadwell and Chris Koebbe and Charles M. Myer and Robin T. Cotton},
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OBJECTIVE We reviewed our experience with pediatric single-stage laryngotracheal reconstruction (SSLTR) to identify factors that affect postoperative outcomes, including the need for reintubation and tracheostomy. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective chart review was done. RESULTS In total, 190 children underwent 200 SSLTRs; 29% were reintubated, and 15% required postoperative tracheostomy. Currently, 96% are decannulated. The use of anterior and posterior costal cartilage grafting, age less than 4… CONTINUE READING