Single-spike detection in vitro and in vivo with a genetic Ca2+ sensor

  title={Single-spike detection in vitro and in vivo with a genetic Ca2+ sensor},
  author={Damian J Wallace and Stephan Meyer zum Alten Borgloh and Simone Astori and Ying Yang and Melanie Bausen and Sebastian K{\"u}gler and Amy E Palmer and Roger Tsien and Rolf Sprengel and Jason N. D. Kerr and Winfried Denk and Mazahir T. Hasan},
  journal={Nature Methods},
Measurement of population activity with single-action-potential, single-neuron resolution is pivotal for understanding information representation and processing in the brain and how the brain's responses are altered by experience. Genetically encoded indicators of neuronal activity allow long-term, cell type–specific expression. Fluorescent Ca2+ indicator proteins (FCIPs), a main class of reporters of neural activity, initially suffered, in particular, from an inability to report single action… CONTINUE READING

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