Single-shot imaging of ultrafast all-optical magnetization dynamics with a spatiotemporal resolution.

  title={Single-shot imaging of ultrafast all-optical magnetization dynamics with a spatiotemporal resolution.},
  author={Tomasz Zalewski and Andrzej Stupakiewicz},
  journal={The Review of scientific instruments},
  volume={92 10},
We present a laboratory system for single-shot magneto-optical (MO) imaging of ultrafast magnetization dynamics with less than 8 fs temporal, micrometer spatial resolutions and a MO Faraday's rotation sensitivity of 4 mdeg/μm. We create a stack of MO images repeatedly employing a single pair of pump and defocused probe pulses to induce and visualize MO changes in the sample. Both laser beams are independently wavelength-tunable, allowing for a flexible, resonant adjustable two-color pump and… 

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