Single quantum emitters in monolayer semiconductors.

  title={Single quantum emitters in monolayer semiconductors.},
  author={Yu-ming He and Genevieve Clark and John R. Schaibley and Yu He and Ming-Cheng Chen and Yu-Jia Wei and Xing Ding and Qiang Zhang and Wang Yao and Xiaodong Xu and Chao-Yang Lu and Jian-Wei Pan},
  journal={Nature nanotechnology},
  volume={10 6},
Single quantum emitters (SQEs) are at the heart of quantum optics and photonic quantum-information technologies. To date, all the demonstrated solid-state single-photon sources are confined to one-dimensional (1D; ref. 3) or 3D materials. Here, we report a new class of SQEs based on excitons that are spatially localized by defects in 2D tungsten-diselenide (WSe2) monolayers. The optical emission from these SQEs shows narrow linewidths of ∼130 μeV, about two orders of magnitude smaller than… CONTINUE READING
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