Single-point blow-up for parabolic systems with exponential nonlinearities and unequal diffusivities

  title={Single-point blow-up for parabolic systems with exponential nonlinearities and unequal diffusivities},
  author={Philippe Souplet and Slim Tayachi},
  journal={arXiv: Analysis of PDEs},
Construction and stability of type I blowup solutions for non-variational semilinear parabolic systems
Abstract In this note, we consider the semilinear heat system ∂t⁡u=Δ⁢u+f⁢(v),∂t⁡v=μ⁢Δ⁢v+g⁢(u),μ>0,\partial_{t}u=\Delta u+f(v),\quad\partial_{t}v=\mu\Delta v+g(u),\quad\mu>0, where the nonlinearity
  • M. Majdoub, S. Tayachi
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2018)
  • 2019
In this paper we consider the problem: $\partial_{t} u- \Delta u=f(u),\; u(0)=u_0\in \exp L^p(\R^N),$ where $p>1$ and $f : \R\to\R$ having an exponential growth at infinity with $f(0)=0.$ We prove
Numerical approach to fractional blow-up equations with Atangana-Baleanu derivative in Riemann-Liouville sense
In this paper, we consider a numerical approach for fourth-order time fractional partial differential equation. This equation is obtained from the classical reaction-diffusion equation by replacing
Blowing Up Solutions for Nonlinear Parabolic Systems with Unequal Elliptic Operators
We give sufficient conditions for the boundedness of the blow-up set and no boundary blow-up for type I blowing up solutions to a nonlinear parabolic system with unequal elliptic operators. We
Blow-up set of type I blowing up solutions for nonlinear parabolic systems
We consider the blow-up problem for systems of nonlinear parabolic inequalities and establish a criterion for the location of the blow-up set. Our criterion enables us to obtain sufficient conditions
Superlinear Parabolic Problems
Preliminaries.- Model Elliptic Problems.- Model Parabolic Problems.- Systems.- Equations with Gradient Terms.- Nonlocal Problems.


Improved conditions for single-point blow-up in reaction-diffusion systems
Single-point blow-up for a semilinear reaction-diffusion system
In this paper, we consider positive solutions of the system ut −Δu = ur vp, vt −Δv = uq vs t ∈ (0, T ) , x ∈ B(0, R) = {x ∈ Rn | |x| < R} or x ∈ Rn and p, q, r, s > 1 . We prove single-point blow-up
Single-point blow-up for a semilinear parabolic system
We consider positive solutions of a semilinear parabolic system coupled by power nonlinearities, in a ball or in the whole space. Relatively little is known on the blow-up set for parabolic systems
On Nonexistence of Type II Blowup for a Supercritical Nonlinear Heat Equation
In this paper we study blowup of radially symmetric solutions of the nonlinear heat equation ut = Δu + |u|p−1u either on ℝN or on a finite ball under the Dirichlet boundary conditions. We assume that
Blow-up rates for parabolic systems
Let Ω ⊂ ℝn be a bounded domain andBR be a ball in ℝn of radiusR. We consider two parabolic systems: ut=Δu +f(υ), υi=Δυ +g(u) in Ω × (0,T) withu=v=0 on δΩ × (0,T) andut=Δu, vt=Δv inBr × (0,T)
Blow‐up profiles of solutions for the exponential reaction‐diffusion equation
We consider the blow‐up of solutions for a semilinear reaction‐diffusion equation with exponential reaction term. It is known that certain solutions that can be continued beyond the blow‐up time
Blow-up of positive solutions of semilinear heat equations
On considere le probleme aux valeurs limites et initiales: u t =Δu+f(u) dans Ω×(0,T), u(x,0)=Φ(x) si x∈Ω, u(x,t)=0 si x∈∂Ω, o<t<T, ou Ω est un domaine borne de R n a frontiere C 2
Blow-up rate for a semilinear reaction diffusion system☆