Single-photon single ionization of W+ ions: experiment and theory

  title={Single-photon single ionization of W+ ions: experiment and theory},
  author={Alfred M{\"u}ller and Stefan Schippers and Jonas Hellhund and Kristof Holste and A. L. David Kilcoyne and Ronald A. Phaneuf and Connor P. Ballance and Brendan M. McLaughlin},
  journal={Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics},
Experimental and theoretical results are reported for photoionization of Ta-like (W+) tungsten ions. Absolute cross sections were measured in the energy range 16–245 eV employing the photon–ion merged-beam setup at the advanced light source in Berkeley. Detailed photon-energy scans at 100 meV bandwidth were performed in the 16–108 eV range. In addition, the cross section was scanned at 50 meV resolution in regions where fine resonance structures could be observed. Theoretical results were… 

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