Single photon fluorescent microlithography for live-cell imaging.


Using fluorescent dyes to trigger the polymerization of a commercial polyurethane resin allows a rapid fabrication of micrometer and submicrometer sized fluorescent structures by one-photon absorption. Here, we show that standard He-Ne lasers emitting at 632.8 nm can be used to start the photopolymerization and that very low laser power is required. This… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/jemt.20748


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@article{Kunik2010SinglePF, title={Single photon fluorescent microlithography for live-cell imaging.}, author={Dar{\'i}o Kunik and Pedro Francisco Aramend{\'i}a and Oscar E. Mart{\'i}nez}, journal={Microscopy research and technique}, year={2010}, volume={73 1}, pages={20-6} }