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Single-particle properties of the near-threshold proton-emitting resonance in $^{11}$B

  title={Single-particle properties of the near-threshold proton-emitting resonance in \$^\{11\}\$B},
  author={Le Hoang Anh Nguyen and Minh-Loc Bui and Naftali Auerbach and Vladimir Zelevinsky},
The excitation function of proton elastic scattering from 10 Be at keV energy is calculated using the self-consistent Skyrme Hartree-Fock in the continuum method. The calculation successfully reproduces the narrow near-threshold proton-emitting resonance ( E x = 11 . 4 MeV, Γ = 6 keV, and quantum number J π = 1 / 2 + ) in 11 B relevant to the β -delayed proton emission of 11 Be. This supports the recent experimental result of Y. Ayyad et al. at the ReA3 re-accelerator facility of the National… 

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