Single-particle isomeric states in 121Pd and 117Ru

  title={Single-particle isomeric states in 121Pd and 117Ru},
  author={Stefan Lalkovski and Alison Bruce and A. M. Denis Bacelar and Magdalena M Gorska and S. Pietri and Zs. Podoly{\'a}k and Peter J. Bednarczyk and L. C{\'a}ceres and Enrique Casarejos and I. J. Cullen and Pieter Doornenbal and G.F.Farrelly and A. B. Garnsworthy and Hans Geissel and W. Gelletly and Juergen Gerl and J. Grcebosz and Ch. Hinke and Gabriela Ilie and Grzegorz Jaworski and S. Kisyov and Ivan Kojouharov and Nikolaus Kurz and Szymon Myalski and Magdalena Palacz and W. Prokopowicz and Patrick H. Regan and Henning Schaffner and Steven J. Steer and Stanislav Tashenov and Philip M. Walker and H-J. Wollersheim and Maya Zhekova},
  journal={arXiv: Nuclear Experiment},
Neutron-rich nuclei were populated in a relativistic fission of 238U. Gamma-rays with energies of 135 keV and 184 keV were associated with two isomeric states in 121Pd and 117Ru. Half-lives of 0.63(5) μs and 2.0(3) μs were deduced and the isomeric states were interpreted in terms of prolate deformed single-particle states. 
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