Single neutral pion production by charged-current $\bar{\nu}_\mu$ interactions on hydrocarbon at $\langle E_\nu \rangle = $3.6 GeV

  title={Single neutral pion production by charged-current \$\bar\{\nu\}_\mu\$ interactions on hydrocarbon at \$\langle E_\nu \rangle = \$3.6 GeV},
  author={T. Le and J. C. Palomino and L. Aliaga and O. Altinok and A. Bercellie and A. Bodek and A. Bravar and W. Brooks and A. Butkevich and D. M. Caicedo and M. F. Carneiro and M. E. Christy and J. Chvojka and H. D. Motta and J. Devan and S. Dytman and G. D{\'i}az and B. Eberly and J. F{\'e}lix and L. Fields and R. Fine and A. Gago and H. Gallagher and R. Gran and D. Harris and A. Higuera and K. Hurtado and M. Kordosky and E. Maher and S. Manly and W. Mann and C. Marshall and K. S. McFarland and C. McGivern and A. McGowan and J. Miller and J. Morf{\'i}n and J. Mousseau and J. Nelson and A. Norrick and J. Osta and V. Paolone and J. Park and C. Patrick and G. Perdue and L. Rakotondravohitra and M. Ramirez and R. Ransome and H. Ray and L. Ren and P. Rodrigues and D. Ruterbories and H. Schellman and D. Schmitz and J. T. Sobczyk and C. Salinas and N. Tagg and B. Tice and E. Valencia and T. Walton and J. Wolcott and H. Yepes-Ramirez and G. Zavala and D. Zhang and B.P.Ziemer and for the MINERvA collaboration},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
  • T. Le, J. C. Palomino, +63 authors for the MINERvA collaboration
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • Physics Letters B
  • Single neutral pion production via muon antineutrino charged-current interactions in plastic scintillator (CH) is studied using the \minerva detector exposed to the NuMI low-energy, wideband antineutrino beam at Fermilab. Measurement of this process constrains models of neutral pion production in nuclei, which is important because the neutral-current analog is a background for $\bar{\nu}_e$ appearance oscillation experiments. The differential cross sections for $\pi^0$ momentum and production… CONTINUE READING
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