Single-molecule spectroscopy of protein conformational dynamics in live eukaryotic cells

  title={Single-molecule spectroscopy of protein conformational dynamics in live eukaryotic cells},
  author={Iwo Koenig and Arash Zarrine-Afsar and Mikayel Aznauryan and Andrea Soranno and Bengt Wunderlich and Fabian Dingfelder and Jakob C St{\"u}ber and Andreas Pl{\"u}ckthun and Daniel Nettels and Benjamin Schuler},
  journal={Nature Methods},
Single-molecule methods have become widely used for quantifying the conformational heterogeneity and structural dynamics of biomolecules in vitro. Their application in vivo, however, has remained challenging owing to shortcomings in the design and reproducible delivery of labeled molecules, the range of applicable analysis methods, and suboptimal cell culture conditions. By addressing these limitations in an integrated approach, we demonstrate the feasibility of probing protein dynamics from… CONTINUE READING


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