Single-molecule analysis of human telomerase monomer.

  title={Single-molecule analysis of human telomerase monomer.},
  author={David A Alves and Haitao Li and Rosalind Codrington and {\'A}ngel Orte and Xiaojun Ren and David Klenerman and Shankar Balasubramanian},
  journal={Nature chemical biology},
  volume={4 5},
Human telomerase is a ribonucleoprotein that is minimally comprised of protein (hTERT) and RNA (hTR) components. We have applied single-molecule fluorescence two-color coincidence detection to characterize complex formation between fluorophore-labeled components in solution. By systematic labeling and in vitro assembly of hTERT, hTR and telomerase's DNA substrate, we have established that catalytically functional human telomerase comprises a stable hTERT:hTR:substrate interaction in a 1:1:1… CONTINUE READING