Single-mode oscillation of laser-diode-pumped Nd:YVO(4) microchip lasers.

  title={Single-mode oscillation of laser-diode-pumped Nd:YVO(4) microchip lasers.},
  author={Takunori Taira and Atsushi Mukai and Yoshinori Nozawa and Takao Kobayashi},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={16 24},
Single-mode-oscillation output power of ~103 mW has been observed in 1.1-at.%-doped Nd:YVO(4) pumped with a 500-mW laser diode. Continuous-wave thresholds of ~5.3 mW have been observed with slope efficiencies of greater than 32.4%. The microchip laser can be tuned over 107 GHz, without mode hopping, by heating the laser crystal. 
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