Single-mode all-silica photonic bandgap fiber with 20-microm mode-field diameter.

  title={Single-mode all-silica photonic bandgap fiber with 20-microm mode-field diameter.},
  author={Olga Nikolayevna Egorova and Sergei L. Semjonov and Alexey Kosolapov and Alexandr N. Denisov and Andrey D. Pryamikov and Dmitry A. Gaponov and Alexander S. Biriukov and Evgeny Mikhailovich Dianov and Mikhail Yu Salganskii and Vladimir F. Khopin and Mikhail V. Yashkov and Andrey Gurianov and Dmitri Vladislavovich Kuksenkov},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={16 16},
An all-silica photonic bandgap fiber with a cladding index difference of approximately 2 % and diameter-to-pitch ratio (d/wedge) of 0.12 was fabricated and studied. To our knowledge, this is the first report on the properties of photonic bandgap fiber with such a small d/wedge. The fiber is single-mode in the fundamental bandgap. The mode field diameter in the 1000-1200 nm wavelength range is 19-20 microm. The minimum loss in the same range is 20 dB/km for a 30-cm bending diameter. In our… CONTINUE READING

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