Single-mode Nd/sup 3+/-doped graded-index polymer waveguide amplifier

  title={Single-mode Nd/sup 3+/-doped graded-index polymer waveguide amplifier},
  author={R. T. Chen and M G Lee and Suriyaprakash Natarajan and Chuan Lin and Z Ho and D. A. H. Robinson},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Technology Letters},
The first graded index (GRIN) polymer waveguide amplifier working at 1.06 mu m wavelength has been realized, using a Nd/sup 3+/: photolime gel material combination. Throughput intensity of 3.8 mW at 1.06 mu m, corresponding to 8.5 dB gain, was observed when employing a 40 mW pumping laser beam operating at 790 nm. The gain medium is a 2.2 cm waveguide active region with Nd/sup 3+/ concentration of 1.03*10/sup 20//cm/sup 3/. The GRIN characteristic of the photolime gel thin film provides a… CONTINUE READING