Single-incision laparoscopically assisted appendectomy performed by residents is safe and feasible: A single institution, retrospective case series

  title={Single-incision laparoscopically assisted appendectomy performed by residents is safe and feasible: A single institution, retrospective case series},
  author={Masaki Wakasugi and Naoto Tsujimura and Yujiro Nakahara and Takashi Matsumoto and Hiroyoshi Takemoto and Ko Takachi and Kiyonori Nishioka and Satoshi Oshima},
  journal={Annals of Medicine and Surgery},
  pages={43 - 46}

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Feasibility and Safety of Single-Incision Laparoscopic Appendectomy by a Surgical Resident under Supervision of a Staff Surgeon
A total of 60 case-matched patients with acute appendicitis underwent a SILA performed by either the resident or attending staff, with no significant difference in the operative data between the two groups.
Single-Incision Pediatric Endosurgery (SIPES)
The need for randomized controlled trials to clarify the efficacy of SIPS compared with CLS is identified and its successful incorporation into surgical training programs will depend on the development of innovative simulation strategies.
Laparoscopic appendectomy for acute appendicitis: How to discourage surgeons using inadequate therapy
Reliable and real-time diagnosis of AA can be made based on findings of the white blood cell count and enhanced computed tomography, and temporal avoidance of emergent general anesthesia may be beneficial for high-risk patients.
Learning curve for single‐incision laparoscopic totally extraperitoneal inguinal hernia repair
The learning curve for totally extraperitoneal repair (TEP) is longer and steeper than that for transabdominal preperitoneal repair (TAPP) due to the preperitoneal view to which the surgeon is not
Communication in Surgery
Communication is defined as the “exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium” [1].
Career Skills for Surgeons


Single-incision laparoscopic surgery as a teaching procedure: a single-center experience of more than 2100 procedures
SILS seems safe and feasible for a wide range of procedures and could be a useful teaching procedure for resident doctors to perform on selected patients, under the guidance of an experienced staff surgeon.
Single-incision totally extraperitoneal inguinal hernia repair as a teaching procedure: one center’s experience of more than 300 procedures
SILS-TEP was performed safely, with low morbidity and no recurrence, by the resident surgeons under appropriate guidance by staff surgeons, and assess patient outcomes by comparing procedures performed by resident surgeons vs. those performed by staff surgery.
Laparoscopic appendectomy as an initial step in independent laparoscopic surgery by surgical residents.
There is no additional risk in a LA done by a resident, whether a chief or a novice, and LA is a good model for training young surgeons in laparoscopic surgery: It enables the young surgeon to engage and lead a real case and does not imbue any risk upon the patient.
Laparoscopic appendectomy as a teaching procedure: experiences with 1197 patients in a community hospital
Under appropriate supervision, surgical residents are able to perform laparoscopic appendectomy with results comparable to those of experienced surgeons.
Laparoscopic Appendectomy: a Junior Trainee's Learning Curve
Laroscopic appendicectomy is a safe procedure for junior trainees, and the learning curve stabilizes by 20 cases performed, according to the moving average and cumulative sum methods.
A national review of the frequency of minimally invasive surgery among general surgery residents: assessment of ACGME case logs during 2 decades of general surgery resident training.
Minimally invasive surgery has an increasingly prominent role in contemporary surgical therapy for many common diseases and residents today must become efficient at performing multiple techniques for a single procedure, which demands a broader skill set than in the past.
Transumbilical laparoscopic appendectomy performed by residents is safe and feasible
The aim of this study was to compare the clinical outcomes of single‐incision transumbilical laparoscopy‐assisted appendectomy performed by surgical residents and attending surgeons.
Preferred reporting of case series in surgery; the PROCESS guidelines.
Investigation of the freely available easy-to-use software ‘EZR' for medical statistics
  • Y. Kanda
  • Computer Science
    Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • 2013
EZR enables the application of statistical functions that are frequently used in clinical studies, such as survival analyses, including competing risk analyses and the use of time-dependent covariates, receiver operating characteristics analyses, meta-analyses, sample size calculation and so on, by point-and-click access.
  • Sch€ ob, Laparoscopic appendectomy as a teaching procedure: experiences with 1,197 patients in a community hospital, Surg. Today 42
  • 2012