Single-dose pharmacokinetics of the trypanosomicide benznidazole in man.

  title={Single-dose pharmacokinetics of the trypanosomicide benznidazole in man.},
  author={J. Raaflaub and Walter H. Ziegler},
  volume={29 10},
The single-dose pharmacokinetics of N-benzyl-2-nitro-1-imidazole acetamide (benznidazole, Radanil) following administration of 1 tablet Radanil (100 mg) was investigated in six healthy volunteers. The absorption of the drug was fairly rapid. Peak plasma levels of 2.2--2.8 microgram/ml were reached after 3--4 h. The log c versus time curves showed little interindividual variation. The shape of the curves indicates that the drug follows the kinetics of a one-compartment model. The elimination… CONTINUE READING

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