Single-distance phase retrieval algorithm for Bragg Magnifier microscope.


We present an improved, single-distance phase retrieval algorithm applicable for holographic X-ray imaging of biological objects for an in-line germanium Bragg Magnifier Microscope (BMM). The proposed algorithm takes advantage of a modified shrink-wrap algorithm for phase objects, robust unwrapping algorithm as well as other reasonable constraints applied to the wavefield at the object and the detector plane. The performance of the algorithm is analyzed on phantom objects and the results are shown and discussed. We demonstrated the suitability of the algorithm for the phase retrieval on a more complex biological specimen Tardigrade, where we achieved successful phase retrieval from only a single hologram. The spatial resolution obtained by Fourier spectral power method for biological objects is ∼ 300 nm, the same value as obtained from the reconstructed test pattern. Our results achieved using the new algorithm confirmed the potential of BMM for in-vivo, dose-efficient single-shot imaging of biological objects.

DOI: 10.1364/OE.24.027753

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