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Single-diffractive dijet production at high energies within the $k_t$ -factorization approach

  title={Single-diffractive dijet production at high energies within the \$k\_t\$ -factorization approach},
  author={Marta Luszczak and Antoni Szczurek},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
We discuss single-diffractive production of dijets. The cross section is calculated for the first time in the $k_t$-factorization approach, neglecting transverse momentum of the pomeron. We use Kimber-Martin-Ryskin unintegrated parton (gluon, quark, antiquark) distributions (UPDF) both in the proton as well as in the pomeron or subleading reggeon. The UPDFs are calculated based on conventional MMHT2014nlo PDFs in the proton and H1 collaboration diffractive PDFs used previously in the analysis… 

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