Single-channel electroencephalogram analysis using non-linear subspace techniques

  title={Single-channel electroencephalogram analysis using non-linear subspace techniques},
  author={A. R. Teixeira and N. Alvesf and A. M. Tome and Michael Bohm and E. W. Lang and C. G. Puntonet},
  journal={2007 IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing},
In this work, we propose the correction of univariate, single channel EEGs using projective subspace techniques. The biomedical signals which often represent one dimensional time series, need to be transformed to multi-dimensional signal vectors for the latter techniques to be applicable. The transformation can be achieved by embedding an observed signal in its delayed coordinates. We propose the application of two non-linear subspace techniques to the obtained multidimensional signal. One of… CONTINUE READING