Single-cell multimodal profiling reveals cellular epigenetic heterogeneity

  title={Single-cell multimodal profiling reveals cellular epigenetic heterogeneity},
  author={Lih Feng Cheow and Elise T Courtois and Yuliana Tan and Ramya Viswanathan and Qiaorui Xing and Rui Zhen Tan and Daniel S.W. Tan and Paul Robson and Yuin-Han Loh and Stephen R Quake and William F. Burkholder},
  journal={Nature Methods},
Sample heterogeneity often masks DNA methylation signatures in subpopulations of cells. Here, we present a method to genotype single cells while simultaneously interrogating gene expression and DNA methylation at multiple loci. We used this targeted multimodal approach, implemented on an automated, high-throughput microfluidic platform, to assess primary lung adenocarcinomas and human fibroblasts undergoing reprogramming by profiling epigenetic variation among cell types identified through… CONTINUE READING