Single-cell-based system to monitor carrier driven cellular auxin homeostasis

  title={Single-cell-based system to monitor carrier driven cellular auxin homeostasis},
  author={Elke Barbez and Martina Laňkov{\'a} and Mark{\'e}ta Pařezov{\'a} and Alexis Maizel and Eva Za{\vz}{\'i}malov{\'a} and Jan Petr{\'a}{\vs}ek and Jiř{\'i} Friml and J{\"u}rgen Kleine-Vehn},
  booktitle={BMC Plant Biology},
Abundance and distribution of the plant hormone auxin play important roles in plant development. Besides other metabolic processes, various auxin carriers control the cellular level of active auxin and, hence, are major regulators of cellular auxin homeostasis. Despite the developmental importance of auxin transporters, a simple medium-to-high throughput… CONTINUE READING