Single-carbon chemistry of acetogenic and methanogenic bacteria.

  title={Single-carbon chemistry of acetogenic and methanogenic bacteria.},
  author={J. Gregory Zeikus and Rosem ary Barnes Lynn DiGiulio Mary Sue Gezich Beth Comb Kerby and Joseph Adrian Krzycki},
  volume={227 4691},
Methanogenic and acetogenic bacteria metabolize carbon monoxide, methanol, formate, hydrogen and carbon dioxide gases and, in the case of certain methanogens, acetate, by single-carbon (C1) biochemical mechanisms. Many of these reactions occur while the C1 compounds are linked to pteridine derivatives and tetrapyrrole coenzymes, including corrinoids, which are used to generate, reduce, or carbonylate methyl groups. Several metalloenzymes, including a nickel-containing carbon monoxide… CONTINUE READING


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