Single- and multiphoton turn-on fluorescent Fe(3+) sensors based on bis(rhodamine).


Selective and sensitive turn-on fluorescent Fe(3+) sensors based on novel bis(rhodamine) dye molecules are reported. The compounds are synthesized with very high yields and characterized with NMR, ESI mass spectrometry, and elemental analysis. Single- and two-photon fluorescence enhancement is observed for both molecules in the presence of Fe(3+). High selectivity and sensitivity is observed over other metal ions and is shown to be due mainly to the spirolactam ring-opening power of Fe(3+). All measurements are made in buffer environments simulating biological conditions to facilitate single- and multiphoton fluorescence imaging of Fe(3+) in vivo and in vitro. Larger enhancement of fluorescence for both one- and two-photon excitation makes them suitable candidates for fluorescent labeling of biological systems. Two photon cross-section and time-resolved fluorescence measurements are utilized to understand the selectivity of the present sensors for Fe(3+)-sensing.

DOI: 10.1021/jp1034568

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@article{Weerasinghe2010SingleAM, title={Single- and multiphoton turn-on fluorescent Fe(3+) sensors based on bis(rhodamine).}, author={Aruna J. Weerasinghe and Carla Schmiesing and Shankar Varaganti and Guda Ramakrishna and Ekkehard Sinn}, journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B}, year={2010}, volume={114 29}, pages={9413-9} }