Single and dual parasitic mite infestations on the honey bee, Apis mellifera L.

  title={Single and dual parasitic mite infestations on the honey bee, Apis mellifera L.},
  author={Daniel L Downey and Tobi T Higo and Mark L. Winston},
  journal={Insectes Sociaux},
The onset of foraging, proportion of pollen collectors, and weight of pollen loads were compared in individual honey bees (Apis mellifera) infested by zero, one (Acarapis woodi, the honey bee tracheal mite, or Varroa jacobsoni,varroa), or both species of parasitic mites. Phoretic varroa host choice also was compared between bees with and without tracheal mites, and tracheal mite infestation of hosts was compared between bees parasitized or not by varroa during development. The proportion of… CONTINUE READING
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