Single and Multilayer Growth of Graphene from the Liquid Phase

  title={Single and Multilayer Growth of Graphene from the Liquid Phase},
  author={Piotr Kula and Robert Pietrasik and Konrad Dybowski and Radomir Atraszkiewicz and Witold Szymański and Lukasz Kolodziejczyk and Piotr Niedzielski and Dorota Nowak},
  journal={Applied Mechanics and Materials},
  pages={12 - 8}
The preparation of poly crystalline graphene from the liquid phase has been discussed.The mechanism of graphene growth from the liquid phaseon the Cu-Ni alloy and the type of atmosphere, used inthe graphene fabrication-acetylene, ethylene, hydrogen has been presented. Stages of nucleation and poly crystalline growth of graphene were identified. The paper presents theresults of a single-and multi-layered graphene growth phase.It is assumed the final result will mean the optimization of the… 

Quasi-Monocrystalline Graphene Crystallization on Liquid Copper Matrix

The purpose of this work was to identify factors that directly affect the structure of graphene grown on a surface of a liquid metal and the possibility to order the structure, creating a quasi-monocrystalline layer.

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Graphene CVD growth on copper and nickel: role of hydrogen in kinetics and structure.

It is shown that hydrogen acts as an inhibitor for the CH(4) dehydrogenation on copper, contributing to suppress deposition onto the copper substrate, and degrades quality of graphene.

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