Single-Vertex Origami and Spherical Expansive Motions

  title={Single-Vertex Origami and Spherical Expansive Motions},
  author={I. Streinu and W. Whiteley},
  • I. Streinu, W. Whiteley
  • Published in JCDCG 2004
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • We prove that all single-vertex origami shapes are reachable from the open flat state via simple, non-crossing motions. We also consider conical paper, where the total sum of the cone angles centered at the origami vertex is not 2π. For an angle sum less than 2π, the configuration space of origami shapes compatible with the given metric has two components, and within each component, a shape can always be reconfigured via simple (non-crossing) motions. Such a reconfiguration may not always be… CONTINUE READING
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