Single-Shot Convolution Neural Networks for Real-Time Fruit Detection Within the Tree

  title={Single-Shot Convolution Neural Networks for Real-Time Fruit Detection Within the Tree},
  author={Kushtrim Bresilla and Giulio Demetrio Perulli and Alexandra Boini and Brunella Morandi and Luca Corelli Grappadelli and Luigi Manfrini},
  journal={Frontiers in Plant Science},
Image/video processing for fruit detection in the tree using hard-coded feature extraction algorithms has shown high accuracy on fruit detection during recent years. While accurate, these approaches even with high-end hardware are still computationally intensive and too slow for real-time systems. This paper details the use of deep convolution neural networks architecture based on single-stage detectors. Using deep-learning techniques eliminates the need for hard-code specific features for… 

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DeepFruits: A Fruit Detection System Using Deep Neural Networks

A novel multi-modal Faster R-CNN model, which achieves state-of-the-art results compared to prior work with the F1 score, which takes into account both precision and recall performances improving from 0.807 to 0.838 for the detection of sweet pepper.

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