Single-Player Monte-Carlo Tree Search

  title={Single-Player Monte-Carlo Tree Search},
  author={Maarten P. D. Schadd and Mark H. M. Winands and H. Jaap van den Herik and Guillaume Chaslot and Jos W. H. M. Uiterwijk},
  booktitle={Computers and Games},
Classical methods such as A* and IDA* are a popular and successful choice for one-player games. However, they fail without an accurate admissible evaluation function. In this paper we investigate whether Monte-Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) is an interesting alternative for one-player games where A* and IDA* methods do not perform well. Therefore, we propose a new MCTS variant, called Single-Player Monte-Carlo Tree Search (SP-MCTS). The selection and backpropagation strategy in SP-MCTS are different… CONTINUE READING

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